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Dieting is a commonly used term in our society (especially if you’re a woman), even when most times it is not done with the aim of improving our health but our appearance. As anyone who’s ever suffered a diet knows, dieting is anything but easy however, the reward is immense. […]

Lo confieso: soy una fan absoluta del dormir. Me parece uno de los mayores placeres y de los menos valorados en la vida. Poder dormir a pierna suelta, sin sobresaltos, sin alarmas es un placer. Aparte de ser un placer, resulta que dormir es imprescindible para una buena salud, tanto […]

It is simply not possible to be forever young. That is a fact that we are all aware of, but the standing question is, can we delay somehow the aging process? From cosmetics companies, to pharmaceuticals, they are all invested in developing means to halt this natural process. In science, […]

Tengo el blog abandonado. Al menos las secciones en español, y tengo que pediros disculpas por ello, pero los últimos meses han sido movidos. Muchos cambios vitales y poco tiempo para dedicarle a escribir. Además, profesionalmente digamos que me encuentro en un staccato, en parte debido también a esos cambios […]

Reprogramming is considered to be the potential medical miracle of the century, it should in principle help repair malfunctioning organs, or even replace them. But could it also be good for aging? Late last year an article showed for the first time how the same strategy used for cell reprogramming, […]

If I were to ask you about Alzheimer’s, what would you say? You’d probably nod on acknowledgement, since the term sounds familiar and you will probably picture in your head an old person with memory issues. But is that all to the disease? How correct would your appreciation be? And […]

If you’re old enough, you might remember hearing about the mad cow disease crisis in Europe at the end of the 90s. This disease was caused by something called prions, aggregates of misfolded proteins that become infectious. For a protein aggregate to be considered as prion it is necessary that […]

Everytime we travel across the Atlantic we realise the existence of our internal clock, mainly because of what we feel as jetlag. Our circadian clock gets out of sync, and out bodies experience difficulties to deal with the time change. This internal clock has many, important effects on metabolism and […]

Diabetes is a disease typically associated with old age, especially when speaking of type 2, characterized for insulin resistance, and associated with obesity and therefore, more likely to occur in old age. A recent couple of papers published in Cell and Science Translational Medicine point to the healing potential of […]

Olivia Casanueva is a successful woman in science. Not long ago she got an ERC Grant to support her research in epigenetics and its relationship to aging and life expectancy. As an expert in the topic with a solid trayectory in research and an even better ability to make complex […]

Once again, the scientific world has been stirred by the release of the name of this year’s Physiology and Medicine Nobel Award winner, which in this case has gone to the hands of a japanese researcher named Yoshinori Ohsumi, responsible for the discovery of something called the cell autophagy mechanism, […]

A promising therapy to combat the biological effects of aging comes from the use of stem cells. In this article, we will talk about the latest advances on tissue regeneration via stem cells and discuss on the possibilities of such developments for the treatment of aging-related diseases. For a few […]

These days I start a new section on the blog. More than a year and a half ago I was asked to collaborate on an online project on AGING, for which I did provide quite some content, which never got to be published. Therefore, after more than enough changes to […]

El pasado fin de semana se celebró el Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia. Por este motivo me gustaría traer algunos datos que justifican la necesidad de celebrar este día. No voy a hablar sobre las múltiples estadísticas que muestran que hay un techo de cristal […]

Durante los últimos cuarenta años hemos sido bombardeados con la idea de que las grasas son malas, tan malas que se les ha considerado las máximas responsables detrás del aumento exponencial de casos de diabetes y enfermedades cardiovasculares de las últimas décadas. Sin embargo, un artículo de investigación al más […]

What determines being left or right handed? As a scientific question might seem irrelevant, but actually handedness is a good example of a brain phenomenon called lateralization which basically refers to the location of certain brain activities to one brain hemisphere or the other (for example, language areas are located […]

We live in a society permanently obsesed with the idea of youth. Therefore, it is not surprising to find supposedly miraculous potions, ointments and elixirs that offer precisely that. But the idea of permanent youth is not a new idea, it comes from way back, as does the notion that […]

Since we were kids (unless under the spell of a creationist education), we have been told that genetics is the reason for the colour of our eyes, our hair, our height and whether we look more like mum or dad. In the last few years, it might seem to many […]

For a while new, evidence has been accummulating linking the gut microbiota to brain function. A new paper published recently in Cell Reports, shows that the intermediary is a type of white blood cell, evidencing as well the relationship between the brain and the immune system. While the crosstalk between […]

Hace siglos que no escribo…aquí. Mi tiempo se lo lleva escribir para otros, y empezar a planear los próximos meses/años que vendrán repletos de cambios. Para empezar cambio de piso (tan pronto como encontremos uno, cosa nada fácil en esta ciudad), cambio de prioridades, de tamaño (aunque sea sólo temporal) […]